Irfan Pathan Got Trolled Badly For Hiding His Wife’s Face

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Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan has found himself under the scanner of criticism after he shared a picture of his wife.  Recently, Irfan took to his social media and shared a lovely picture with his wife, Safa Baig and their son, Imran Pathan.

In the picture, Irfan can be seen giving a piggyback ride to his son while his wife, Safa looked gorgeous in pink attire. However, Safar’s face was blurred in the picture. Sharing the picture, Irfan wrote:

Together is our favourite place to be!”

The post went viral in no time, however, seems like the fans weren’t too happy with the picture shared by the cricketer. Fans on social media started trolling the cricketer for blurring the face of his wife. While many pointed out that the cricketer is possessive for hiding his wife’s face, there were many who pointed out his hypocrisy.

However, amidst all the negative comments, an internet user slammed all the trolls by writing a sensible comment. In her comment, the fan slammed the haters by writing how the picture was initially uploaded by Irfan’s wife and it was her decision to hide her face. The fan wrote:

I see so many hate comments on this photo. First of all the pic was uploaded by his wife which he shared. She herself blurred her face. Why is it so difficult to understand that its not him who is restricting her but she herself wants to stay that way. Are you all gonna change the way she wants to dress or the way she wants to live?”

The comment soon caught the attention of Irfan Pathan, who appreciated the fan for her sensible comment. He wrote:

@Hiba M Hasan finally some one with brain n not hate”

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Later, Irfan took to his Twitter and slammed the haters for criticisng him earlier. In his tweet, Irfan revealed that the tweet was shared by his ‘Queen’ from his son’s account. He wrote:

“This picture is posted by my queen from my son’s account. We are getting lot of hate.Let me post this here as well.She blurred this pic by her choice. And Yes,I’m her mate not her master;). #herlifeherchoice

Here, check out the Tweet: