Ishant Sharma Revealed Why He Borrowed Zaheer Khan’s Shoes For His ODI Debut Match For India

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The quarantine period has halted the cricketing activities around the world. This period has forced cricketers to stay indoors, otherwise, cricketers around the world would have been locking their horns on the field. Several cricketers around the world are indulging in various interactive activities.
Recently, India’s spearhead Ishant Sharma, who made his ODI debut in 2007, went live with Mayank Agarwal, where he recalled his maiden 50-over appearance for India 13 years ago.

During the interaction, Ishant Sharma recalled a very interesting and lesser-known story about the time when nervousness got to him after Rahul Dravid asked him why he wasn’t practicing and the reason he revealed was quite shocking. He revealed:
It was so cold there. I was selected for the England Test series and not the ODI series in Ireland. I was chilling at home and then I got a call that you have that come to play ODIs in Ireland. I tell you my friend that it was so cold there, it was like ice for us. So many people including MS Dhoni, Dinesh Karthik, Robin Uthappa and RP Singh fell ill due to the change of weather conditions. At least, 7 people fell ill”

Ishant Sharma Revealed Why He Borrowed Zaheer Khan’s Shoes For His ODI Debut Match For India

Furthermore, Ishant Sharma revealed how he had to borrow shoes from Zaheer Khan after waiting for a long time for his luggage. He said:

I was waiting for my luggage and I called my manager. The manager said the luggage will come directly in your room, I was like ‘woahh! we have this facility also, this is nice, in Ranji matches we carry it ourselves’. I was standing and then Rahul Dravid asked Ishant why are you not bowling,”

He added:

I nervously said him that I was waiting for my shoes and that shocked him. I explained him that I kept my luggage in the flight but hadn’t reached me. Rahul Dravid asked me that how will I play the match tomorrow. I was shocked again. I borrowed shoes from Zaheer Khan and played my first ODI match,