Jack Leach Shared A Beautiful Story To Motivate Cricket Fans To Stay At Home

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The fans will always remember the 3rd Test match of the 2019 Ashes series because of Ben Stokes’ heroics. Out of nowhere, the English all-rounder won the match for his team when Australia needed only one wicket to win and England required 76 runs. Stokes launched an all-out attack on the Aussie bowlers scoring a 219-ball 135 which included 11 fours and 8 sixes.
However, it is worth noting that Stokes would not have been able to achieve this feat had he not got the back of Jack Leach from the other end. While Stokes pounded the bowlers from one side, it was Leach who ensured that he does not lose his wicket. He kept his calm and the number 11 batsman scored 1 run off 17 deliveries to guide England to a win.
Jack Leach Shared A Beautiful Story To Motivate Cricket Fans To Stay At Home
Recently, the entire world has been locked down because of the novel Coronavirus threat. Thousands of people have been affected by this virus and, many of them have even lost their lives. Because of the lockdown, the common people are finding it hard to spend their entire day inside their homes. Boredom has hit everyone hard at this time.
Jack Leach has come up with a motivational message for everyone on Twitter. In a recent tweet, he wrote:
Being boring is boring guys! But if it gets the job done it’s definitely worth it! We are all batting at 11 so let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start playing shots. Defend your stumps. One ball at a time and let Stokes do his thing #StayAtHome.
The tail-ender compared himself with the common people and he metaphorically said that the doctors, policemen, and government are playing the role of Ben Stokes here. He even said that they are batting at number 11 and one small mistake can lose the match for their team. This tweet has gone viral on the internet as Jack has won everyone’s hearts with his message.