Kapil Dev Takes A Dig At Virat Kohli Over His Paternity Leave

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Virat Kohli and company are all set to lock their horns with their arch-rivals Australians, in the upcoming bilateral series. However, Virat Kohli, who is married to Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is expecting his first child n January while the first Test (Day-night) between India and Australia is scheduled to be played from December 17 – December 21 in Adelaide. And as the due date of Anushka is in January, Virat might miss out on a couple of test matches.

Ever since the news came out, a new debate has started on social media on whether Virat taking paternity leave is ok or not. Many former cricketers and experts have come out in support of Virat Kohli. The latest one to give his opinion on the matter is none other than the legendary Indian cricketer and former skipper Kapil Dev.

While talking via video conference at HTLS 2020, during a conversation with senior sports writer and journalist Ayaz Memon, Kapil Dev talked about the issue and welcomed the move. He expressed that he is happy for King Kohli and for the new role he is about to don, however, he further revealed how Sunil Gavaskar didn’t see his son for many others.

Kapil Dev Takes A Dig At Virat Kohli Over His Paternity Leave

He also lauded the fact that Kohli came back to playing cricket the next day after losing his father. He said:

Don’t think we could afford to go and come back. That’s for sure. Sunil Gavaskar didn’t see his son for many months. It was a different thing. Look, things change. If I talk about Kohli, when his father died, he came back playing cricket the next day. Today he is taking a leave for his baby. It’s fine, you can afford it,”

Kapil Dev further highlighted how different things were back then during his playing days and how the modern cricketers can enjoy privileges he and the other former cricketers weren’t able to enjoy. He said:

You can buy a plane and go back and come back again in three days. I feel happy and proud that today sportsmen have reached a level where they can do this. I’m happy for Virat. He’s coming back to see his family. I understand you have passion but the biggest passion in that he’s having a baby,”