Kevin Pietersen Made A Big Statement About Virat Kohli’s Attitude

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The second Test match of the ongoing 5-match Test series turned out to be an absolute entertainer – from thrills to drama, it had everything. However, following the incidents that took place during the match, several noticeable names of international cricketers are trying to villainize the Indian skipper Virat Kohli for the way he operates on-field.

For instance, recently former England skipper Nick Compton recently slammed Virat’s aggressive nature via tweet, where he called him ‘the most foul-mouthed individual’.  He wrote:

“Isn’t Kohli the most foul-mouthed individual. I’ll Never forget the barrage of abuse I received in 2012 when the swearing stunned me to the point that he did himself a serious disservice. It highlights what a level headed and grounded man Root, Tendulkar, Williamson et al are,”

Here, check out his Tweet:

Kevin Pietersen Made A Big Statement About Virat Kohli’s Attitude

However, he isn’t the only one to come hard against Virat Kohli. Several cricketers and experts are criticizing the attitude of the Indian skipper.

A speech by Virat Kohli has also gone viral on the internet where he can be seen motivating his boys. However, while the speech was nothing more than motivational, there are many who branded him as an authoritarian, a war general, and even a dictator.

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While Virat is getting criticized from all corners, he has found some support from England’s former skipper Kevin Pietersen, who was once known for his aggressive nature. Recently, in his blog for Betway, KP came to Virat’s rescue and appreciated his level of commitment towards the game. He wrote:

Virat Kohli is fantastic for Test cricket. Knowing Virat Kohli the way that I do, I know the huge impetus he puts on following in the footsteps of his heroes. His heroes are Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and other legends of Test match cricket,” 

He added:

“You can see by his enthusiasm, intensity, and the way he rallies his troops. Test cricket still means everything to him. Kohli knows that to be considered a legend of the game, he needs to deliver in this format as well as in T20. That’s why he puts so much importance on this format, and at a time when Test cricket needs all the love it can get, how good is it to see a global superstar so passionate about it,”