List of longest unbeaten streaks in Test cricket for Indian captains

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After winning the one-off Test against Bangladesh in Hyderabad by 208 runs, ‘The Captain Fearless’ Virat Kohli overtook Sunil Gavaskar’s record for the longest unbeaten streaks for Indian captains in Test cricket. As a Test captain, Kohli has impressed one and all with his aggressive brand of cricket and astute decision making. He leads from the front and his fearless attitude reflects on the other members of the team as well.

Before the one-off Test between Bangladesh, Virat Kohli was tied on 18 Test matches without a defeat with Sunil Gavaskar, who did not have a defeat in 18 consecutive Tests between 1976 and 1980. But after registering a thumping win in the one-off Test, Virat Kohli now holds the record for the the longest unbeaten streaks for Indian captains in Test cricket. Here is the list:

Longest unbeaten streaks for Indian captains in Test cricket:

19* 15 WINS, 4 DRAWS  Virat Kohli  Aug 20, 2015  Feb 13, 2017 
18 6 WINS, 12 DRAWS Sunil Gavaskar Jan 24, 1976 Jan 20, 1980
17 4 WINS, 13 DRAWS Kapil Dev Sept 14, 1985 Mar 09, 1987
14 9 WINS, 5 DRAWS Mohammad Azharuddin Jan 02, 1993 Dec 05, 1994
10 1 WIN, 9 DRAWS Sachin Tendulkar Apr 04, 1997 Nov 02, 1999


India have not suffered a defeat in Test matches at home in their last 20 matches. The last time India lost a Test at home was in 2012 when England defeated India at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. This has equalled India’s longest streak at home without a defeat in Test cricket. Between January 1977 and February 1980, India played 20 Tests at home without a defeat. But, the biggest difference between the current unbeaten streak and the one between 1977-1980 is the difference between the number of Tests India won out of 20 unbeaten matches.

Between January 1977 to February 1980, India won only 6 matches out of 20. But in the current unbeaten streak, India have won 17.

Virat Kohli’s record as Test captain:

OVERALL 23 15 2 6 65.21
AT HOME  13 11 0 2 84.61
AWAY  10 4 2 4 40.00