Madhav Sharma Gave An Open Challenge To PCB On A Live Debate

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Madhav Sharma’s Open Challenge To PCB: A controversy was stirred, recently, after former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs accused the BCCI of threatening to withdraw from the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Premier League. This league is being organized with the “blessings” of PCB on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

On Saturday, Gibbs took to his Twitter and ranted about having received a threat from the Indian board. In his tweet, Gibbs said that the BCCI also warned him of losing any cricket-related activities in India.

Ever since then, the controversy has become one of the most discussed topics on social media. In fact, the controversy over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Premier League is creating a battle between the Board of Control and the Pakistan Cricket Board.

On Saturday, PCB released a statement slamming BCCI’s alleged warning to several cricket boards around the world. The PCB also warned India that they would take up the matter with the ICC. Later on, the BCCI slammed PCB and called them “confused”. The BCCI official clarified that the Indian board is within its right in making cricketing decisions in its country and welcomed PCB to take the matter to the ICC.

Meanwhile, fans around the country have come out in support of the BCCI and have flooded social media with their tweets and posts in support of the Indian board. No Indian in their right senses wants Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Premier League to take place.

Recently, an open discussion on this controversy took place on the news channel ‘Republic Bharat’, where Madhav Sharma, a popular cricket writer, slammed Pakistan Cricket Board for hosting this controversial tournament on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, a restive territory that belongs to India, which has been forcibly occupied by Pakistan almost since it came into being. He also expressed that nothing is and can never be more important than motherland.

During the live interaction, Madhav Sharma also gave an open challenge to Pakistan Cricket Board by asking them to request any cricket board around the world and bring even one current international player, from any nation to their Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Premier League.

Here, watch the video of the live interview: