Meet The Superfan Of Virat Kohli Who Has 16 Tattoos Dedicated To King Kohli

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There’s no denying to the fact that our Indian cricketers are one of the most followed cricketers, not just in India but around the world. They have millions of fans who follow them follow them to every nook and corner of the world, just to watch them play. However, there are some fans who tend to stand out because of their loyalty to a certain player.

We have seen the craziness of superfans like Sudhir Gautam and Hari Saravanan and have seen them chanting “India..India”. While Sudhir Gautam is an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Hari Saravanan is a massive supporter of MS Dhoni. Now joining the super fans team is Virat Kohli’s crazy fan Pintu Behera.

Well, what makes him unique than the other fans is that Pintu has as many as 16 different tattoos of Virat Kohli on his body, all dedicated to the Indian skipper.

Yes, you read that right. Pintu waited for 5 years before he recently met his idol Virat Kohli in Vizag. Explaining the moment, Pintu told TOI :

When I reached the venue, I somehow managed to get inside the stadium. When Kohli came out for training, I took off my shirt. There were some fans around to see the Indian team. They all started to cheer. ‘Kohli..Kohli’ was being heard everywhere. That scene drew the attention of many in the stadium,”

Recalling the meeting with Kohli, Bathera revealed:

Kohli waved his hand and asked me to come inside. He was smiling. I was shirtless. He shook my hand and hugged me. I couldn’t say a thing in front of him. I started crying and said ‘I waited for four years sir. Thank you, sir’. He hugged and patted me. He consoled me saying ‘it’s ok…it’s ok’,”

He added:

He saw all the tattoos and counted them. He was saying ‘wow…wonderful’. He checked every tattoo. He was so so happy,”

Meet The Superfan Of Virat Kohli Who Has 16 Tattoos Dedicated To King Kohli

However, this didn’t come easy to him. In order to meet his favorite star, Pintu visited many venues and waited for five years but had failed to meet the Indian captain. Expressing his feelings, Pintu told TOI :

I cannot forget that day in my entire life. A big dream that I had for a very long has come true. I am so happy. The feeling of meeting Virat is yet to sink in. I was trying to meet him since 2016. I put in all the efforts on various occasions but failed to meet him. I am really thankful that I got the opportunity to meet my God.”

“I want to be known as Virat’s super fan”.