Mohammad Kaif Revealed Who Would He Prefer To Watch Between Virat Kohli And Rohit Sharma

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The Indian skipper Virat Kohli and the Indian opener Rohit Sharma are two of the most talented cricketers around the world, who have been taking the Indian cricket to new heights with their phenomenal cricketing skills. Both of them are currently the backbone of the Indian cricket team.
While both of them share a massive fan following, there has always been a strong debate going on in the cricketing fraternity to choose the best between two.

Recently, the former Indian cricketer, Mohammad Kaif also joined the bandwagon and talked about the debate. Well, during an interaction, Kaif was questioned over the same and he came up with a brilliant answer to it.
Mohammad Kaif Revealed Who Would He Prefer To Watch Between Virat Kohli And Rohit Sharma
According to Mohammad Kaif, Virat Kohli has an outstanding in T20Is, Tests, and ODIs. However, he feels that Rohit Sharma has an elegance that gives satisfaction to the eyes of his ardent followers. Mohammad Kaif recited that the bowler cannot do much against the ‘Hitman’ Sharma of the cricket world when he is batting as his best. He revealed:
If there are two matches happening in the same city simultaneously and Virat is playing in one and Rohit in another, then I will head to the match featuring Rohit Sharma. No doubt, Virat has an outstanding record in Tests and white-ball cricket both, but Rohit has the elegance, so much time while facing a bowler. He is one batsman who can smash a bowler without the bowler even realizing that he is under attack,” 
If the situation was normal and if it wasn’t Coronavirus pandemic, then many cricketers from around the world would have been locking their horns with each other in the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League.