Mohammad Yousuf gives his opinion on the Virat Kohli-Babar Azam debate

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Former Pakistan batsman Mohammad Yousuf has joined in the group of former great cricketers who have compared the batting of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Pakistan white-ball skipper Babar Azam. Babar is being compared to Kohli ever since he made his debut and has impressed one and all with his batting. Although his numbers are nowhere near Virat Kohli’s Yousuf pointed out the fact that he has played very little international cricket compared to the Indian skipper.

Mohammad Yousuf is of the opinion that Babar Azam when compared to Virat Kohli at the same age, has done better. He feels if Virat Kohli had played the same number of matches that Babar Azam has played till now, the comparison would have been more fair and clear.

“Kohli has played much more cricket than Babar who has only about three to four years of exposure in international cricket. But yes, if you ask me to make a comparison based on where Kohli stood after the same number of matches that Babar has played, I would say Babar has done better,” Mohammad Yousuf was quoted as saying in Times Now.

Babar Azam needs to be more consistent in Test cricket: Mohammad Yousuf

Virat Kohli has been extremely consistent in Test cricket and Yousuf believes that is one area where Babar Azam needs to work on. He has been doing well is Tests but Yousuf is of the opinion that there needs to be longevity in the form that Babar Azam has shown if he wants to reach the level of Kohli.

“Kohli is very committed that is why he is so successful and he has already got runs in every cricket playing nation. I felt captaincy had only made him a better player,” he stated.

“Babar did OK in the Test series against England bearing in mind England is not an easy place to come and play Test cricket. He just needs that consistency in Test cricket to be up there with the likes of Virat Kohli. Babar’s done that for 6 to 9 months so far, he just needs to be consistent for a longer period of time,” Yousuf stated.