MS Dhoni Gave A Brilliant Answer When Asked About His IPL Future

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It was after Chennai Super Kings’ last match in the previous edition of the Indian Premier League, when MS Dhoni’s “Definitely Not” broke the internet as the skipper of Chennai Super Kings confirmed he wasn’t going anywhere despite having one of the worst seasons. CSK was the first team to be knocked out of IPL 2020, however, MS Dhoni had promised to make a comeback last year and they have done it by making a stunning comeback to win their fourth IPL title.

Now as Chennai Super Kings marched to their fourth IPL title in Dubai, defeating two-time winners Kolkata Knight Riders by 27 runs, MS Dhoni was pushed to answer the big question by broadcaster and commentator Harsha Bhogle. While MS Dhoni kept on stressing that a lot depends on CSK’s auction strategy but he also made a defining statement.

MS Dhoni stressed the need to ensure the team doesn’t suffer because of the retention tactics. He said that his focus is on building a core for CSK that serves the team for the next 10 years. He said:

Again I’ve said it before, it depends on BCCI. With two new teams coming in……we have to decide what is good for CSK. It’s not about me being there in top-three or four. It’s about making a strong core to ensure the franchise doesn’t suffer. The core group, we have to have a hard look to see who can contribute for the next 10 years,”

When being prodded further by Harsha Bhogle that he will be “incredibly proud of the legacy he has left behind”, MS Dhoni laughed and said: “Still I haven’t left behind (laughs)”.

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Meanwhile, the fans were left in awe after MS Dhoni’s “Still I haven’t left behind” and came up with amazing reactions to it.

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