MS Dhoni’s Manager Shares His ‘Morose’ Condition After SSR’s News

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Former Indian skipper MS Dhoni was left shattered and heartbroken after he got the news of the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. The actor was found dead at his Mumbai residence on June 14th. As per the reports, Sushant was battling depression for the past six years.

Sushant, who had portrayed MS Dhoni in his biopic ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”, had impressed one and all with his charming personality and his impeccable acting skills. It wasn’t easy to get into the shoes of MS Dhoni but Sushant left everyone in awe of his brilliant performances.

After being selected to portray the role of MS Dhoni in his biopic, Sushant Singh Rajput was trained by none other than former Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More and he spent more than 9 months to get into the skin of the character. His dedication towards his art was so inspiring that despite being hit on his hands several times during the training, he was undeterred until he had mastered the iconic and Dhoni’s trademark helicopter shot.

Sushant impressed one and all with his brilliant performance in the biopic. In an interview, Arun Pandey, MS Dhoni’s agent and producer of the former India captain’s biopic, revealed the reason why he could play the role of MS Dhoni so wonderfully. He revealed:

“The reason he could play the role well was that even before he was part of this movie, he idolised Dhoni. He was a kind of inspiration for him. Sushant wasn’t from the industry, he too came from a small town like Dhoni”

The director of the movie, Neeraj Pandey also called up Dhoni on Sunday to convey the heartbreaking news to the former skipper. He revealed how MS Dhoni was shocked and got shattered.

“Apart from calling Mahi bhai (Dhoni), I have also called two of his best friends Mihir Diwakar and Arun Pandey. They all seemed very upset with such a piece of terrible news. Mahi bhai was in a shock to hear the news and got shattered.”

He added:

Sushant was only 34 and a prosperous career was waiting for him, I have no doubt about that. There are ups and downs in everyone’s life. Sushant used to practice under the watchful eyes of former cricketer Kiran More who taught him how to keep wickets, which was very essential to play the role of Mahi,” 

Praising the dedication of Sushant Singh Rajput towards his work, Neeraj shared an instance that took place during the shoot of MS Dhoni’s biopic. He revealed:

“I still remember that Sushant had a bad side strain during practice and even there was a crack in his backbone. But he was confident, worked hard in rehabilitation and recovered within a week. Even Mahi was impressed to see his dedication to work.”