Open Letter To Virat Kohli By An Indian Cricket Fan

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Hello Virat,

Hope you’re having a nice time relaxing on the beaches of Sri Lanka. It seems like there is no respite for you guys as cricketers. Day in and out is always about practice and preparing for the next game or series, so this week off must be a welcome break.

It’s nice that you’re at the helm after taking over from the big boss, Dhoni. What we, as Indian fans love is the fact that there was hardly any hiccup while taking over and though there have been losses, especially in the Champions Trophy, the team’s spirit is as strong as ever.

Being Indian captain is not an easy task. You are doing a job for which 1 billion fans think they are better suited for. Yet, you have managed to lead the team into a new, promising era without losing focus on your batting.

Open Letter To Virat Kohli By An Indian Cricket Fan
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Test record seems incredible:

The way you have taken over the Test team and led them to 8 consecutive series without losing even one means that you are made for the job. The naysayers will say that this team has not been tested in the big three – Australia, South Africa and England, and they may have a point, but you don’t make the cricketing schedule, you just play.

If we ignore that aspect about performing on foreign shores, one thing is certain: We are the best team in Asia, by a large margin. I mean, since we do not play Pakistan in Tests anymore, it is safe to say that we would beat them comfortably in the longest format considering the team we have at the moment.

Open Letter To Virat Kohli By An Indian Cricket Fan

The team looks very well balanced, especially after the series in Sri Lanka. There was that one missing element and it looks like Hardik Pandya has filled that gap to ensure we’re ready to face any team. The rest of the match-winners – Ashwin, Pujara, Rahane and Jadeja are all performing to the best of their abilities and that is always a good sign as an Indian fan.

Take less stress:

If there is one facet of your game that a lot of people seem to have a problem with, it is that “devil may care” attitude that you bring out on the field. However, that is your personality and curbing nature only does more harm, so please be as aggressive as ever.

However, the downside is the amount of stress you take as a captain. It is starting to show on your face and the white hairs have begun making their appearance. As fans, we will never understand the pressure of being the Indian captain, but we understand stress when we see it. Virat, if you can zoom out and treat cricket as just a game, maybe then you could feel a little less pressurised.

Open Letter To Virat Kohli By An Indian Cricket Fan

What better man to learn that quality from than MS Dhoni?

It’s very heart-warming to see that you still take a lot of advice from the great man and I’m sure there would have been plenty of notes exchanged in private.

Indian cricket is in safe hands, no matter what anyone says. There is nobody else who can lead this team the way you have, and we’re anticipating much more success in the coming years.

Please don’t get out cheaply in Tests, Virat. That ball outside off-stump needs a little bit more practice, but who are we to tell you what to do?

Open Letter To Virat Kohli By An Indian Cricket Fan

Enjoy the game and take each day as it comes, captain!

We love you, Virat.


A huge fan!