Alastair Cook Should Ignore Shane Warne



It is foolish to say that Alastair Cook is not in a deep trouble. Both form wise and captaincy wise, he has dipped since a morale demolishing loss down under. Many former cricketers, both British and international, have extensively criticized Cook’s captaincy issues and woeful form.

But none other than legendary spinner Shane Warne has taken it to a whole new level. In his recent article published in the Telegraph, he has taken the attacks too personally.

It was evident from the start of the article that his mission was to completely de-moralise ahead of an all-important series against India. The following are some excerpts from his controversial article.

“There are three ways to go with Alastair ‘Cooked’ Cook.

Everyone sticks their head in the sand and just allows things to keep going as is and hope he finds form with the bat and by a miracle discovers some tactical brains from somewhere.

Two: he steps down from the captaincy to concentrate on his batting.

Three: the most radical of all, he has a complete break away from the game.”


Ironically, he has specified the following after rounds of targeted criticism

“This column is not a personal attack and never has been Alastair. Mate, you need to improve tactically or England need someone else in the job. And I am not the only one saying it.”

Now this is something very unique of sorts. A former international cricketer extensively crticizing a player from another country. Though Warne has some valid points, it will be extremely cowardly for Cook to even pay heed to such comments. He has the support of former captains, and a wealth of experience within himself. He just needs one good game, to be back to the old Cook we know, atleast as far as batting is concerned.

But Cook needs to rethink about his captaincy. It can be summed up that he is more or less as defensive a captain as MSD in tests. His messed up declaration in the Lord’s test lead to SL having a narrowly saving it, and some poor batting from the seasoned test players, including himself, lead to SL winning the second test by a whisker. His tactics are very defensive, and out of context with the situation and the conditions.

The series against India is all important for both his team and himself. After a poor summer down under and a disastrous start to the English summer, this might be the last opportunity to prove their worth. Else, leave Warne, the whole England will be behind his head.


Kaushik Narayanan

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