Ramesh Powar Gave A Solid Reply After Manoj Tiwary Took A Dig At His ‘Push-Up Challenge’ Video

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After the untimely death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, mental health has become one of the most discussed topics. Many celebrities and sports stars have come forward and revealed their mental health stories.

Recently, in order to create some awareness about mental health, former Indian cricketer and women’s team coach Ramesh Power had shared a video of himself doing ’25 push-ups for 25 days challenge’ to raise awareness about the mental health. Sharing the video, he wrote:

“Thank you @ojasmehta for kind words & nominating me for the 25 push-ups for 25 days challenge for bringing awareness for Suicides and issues related to Mental Health. We have our own battles and wars ,we win some & loose some.Enjoy the moments & the journey #takecareofeachother

Here, check out the tweet:

Meanwhile, Manoj Tiwary took an indirect dig at Ramesh Power for taking part in a push-up challenge. In his tweet, Manoj asked how such challenges will help the people who are suffering from depression. He wrote:

“Can someone educate me on how push-ups challenges or any other stupid challenges 4 that matter will help people who all r going through depression ??”

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Ramesh Powar was quick to notice that Manoj Tiwary’s tweet was for his tweet itself and decided to clear the reason for him doing the challenge. In his tweet, Ramesh stated that such challenges help people know that ‘you are not alone’. He shared a part of a text, that read:

“It helps to spread the words “You are not alone” and bring awareness to support those suffering in silence from mental illness. “You wouldn’t know that the person you rain into at the store and just spoke with could barely get out of bed this morning to even get dressed, let along face the day. That the person that just smiled at you in passing has high anxiety and suffer from panic attacks to the point they almost pass out regularly. “You don’t know that your neighbour may cry every day because of how sad they are because when you see them they put on a fake smile and wave a happy hello,” 

Sharing the above message, Ramesh Powar wrote:

The reason I am doing this challenge. #mentalhealthawareness

Here, check out the reply: