Ravi Ashwin Gave A Brilliant Reply To Sanjay Manjrekar After He Called ‘Free Ball’ Unfair

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Former Indian cricketer-turned-commentator, Sanjay Manjrekar remains one of the most active experts in the cricket fraternity. He continues to give his opinions on various aspects of the game.

Recently, in his column for Hindustan Times, Sanjay Manjrekar talked about many aspects of the game. He also opined how ‘free hit’ is something that he wants to go from the game as it is ‘terribly unfair on the bowlers’. Sharing his column, Manjrekar also asked his fans to tell him about what rule changes they would like to make. He wrote:

“Hi guys, tell me what you think about some aspects of the game mentioned in this column that have me peeved a little bit.  Also, let me know what rule changes you would make to better your viewing experience. Will retweet the interesting ones” 

Here, check out the tweet of Sanjay Manjrekar:

The tweet went viral in no time and was flooded with reactions from the fans on it, who came up with different opinions on the matter. The tweet also caught the attention of India’s Test specialist Ravichandran Ashwin, who came up with an interesting suggestion.

Ravi Ashwin feels that free hit should remain as it is a great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of fans. He also opined that free ball should be adjudged to bowlers whenever batsmen try to sneak in an extra run or take advantage by leaving the non-striker’s end much early. He wrote:

Come on @sanjaymanjrekar, free hit is a great marketing tool and has captured the imagination of all the fans. Let’s add a free ball for the bowlers every time a batter leaves the nonstrikers end early, a wicket of that ball will reduce 10 runs of the bowlers analysis and total” 

Here, check out the reply of R Ashwin: