Ravi Bishnoi’s Father Opens Up On The Ugly Clash During WC Final After ICC Punished His Son And Akash Singh

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Winning and losing is the part and parcel of playing a game. However, the winning team shouldn’t let their emotions overflow and a line of dignity should be maintained while celebrating their victory. However, something opposite happened at the final of the U19 World Cup.
The final of the U19 World Cup. turned out to be one of the thrilling matches of the tournament, with both the team giving their best in the game. However, who would have thought that the wonderful and thrilling game will conclude with an ugly note.
Well, after Bangladesh cricket won the match, the players from both the teams were caught engaging in an exchange of words and even some pushing and shoving on the field. In the process, the national flag of Bangladesh, which was held by one of the players was badly damaged.

Ravi Bishnoi, India leg-spinner who gave a sensational performance in the tournament and emerged out as one of the best bowlers in the just-concluded World Cup. Ravi Bishnoi finished the series tournament with 17 wickets, however, he also came under the scanner of the ICC after the ugly clash.
Ravi Bishnoi and Akash Singh are the two Indian players who have been sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) along with the three players from Bangladesh — Towhid Hridoy, Shamim Hossain and Rakibul Hasan.
Bishnoi was also handed two demerit points for using “language, actions or gestures which disparage or which could provoke an aggressive reaction from a batter” after he dismissed Avishek Das.
Ravi Bishnoi’s Father Opens Up On The Ugly Clash During WC Final After ICC Punished His Son And Akash Singh
Following his punishment, Bishnoi’s father has opened up about what happened and he is not able to digest the fact that his calmest boy can lose his temper like that. Talking about him, Bishnoi’s father Mangilal Bishnoi said:
I wonder what happened to my son, because he is one of my calmest children (Ravi has two elder sisters and one brother). He explained the sequence of events and the circumstances when he lost his cool while trying to save his teammate, who was being attacked by the Bangladeshi players,”
He added:
My wife has not eaten anything since yesterday,”