Sachin Tendulkar Finally Speaks On The Controversial DRS Debate

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On Saturday, the legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar suggested that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should eradicate the rule of umpire’s call in the Decision Review System (DRS). Sachin Tendulkar believes that if the ball is even marginally clipping the stumps, the decision must stand ‘Out’.

Sachin Tendulkar took to his social media and shared a video of him and West Indies legend great Brian Lara on their discussion on DRS. In the video, Sachin Tendulkar remarked that if the ball is touching the stumps or just brushing it, the batsman should be declared out. He said:

“One thing I don’t agree with, with the ICC, is the DRS they’ve been using for quite some time. It is the LBW decision where more than 50% of the ball must be hitting the stumps for the on-field decision to be overturned. The only reason they (the batsman or the bowler) have gone upstairs is because they are unhappy with the on-field decision, so when the decision goes to the third umpire, let the technology take over; just like in tennis – it’s either in or out, there’s nothing in between,”

Sharing the video on his twitter account, Sachin wrote:

What % of the ball hits the stumps doesn’t matter, if DRS shows us that the ball is hitting the stumps, it should be given out, regardless of the on-field call. That’s the motive of using technology in cricket. As we know technology isn’t 100% right but neither are humans,”

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Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh also agreed with Sachin Tendulkar and claimed that a few rules should be changed in the game. He said:

 “Agree with you Paji 1000 percent correct. If the ball is touching the stump or kissing the stumps it should be given out. It does not matter how much part of the ball hit the wicket..Few rules should b changed in the game for betterment of the game..This is certainly 1 of those,”

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