Sanjay Manjrekar Said ‘Well done Mumbai’ On JNU Protests And Got A Fitting Response From Yogeshwar Dutt

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After reported violence at the Jawaharlal Lal University (JNU), student protests broke out in Mumbai, as well. Former Indian cricketer and commentator Sanjay Manjrekar also joined the protest by writing “Well done Mumbai” on a Twitter post which showed images from the protest during Monday night at Gateway of India.

Sanjay Manjrekar is one of the most controversial cricket commentators in India as he keeps inviting controversies with his statements against cricketers and his fellow cricket commentators. Here’s what he tweeted:

India’s boxer and a BJP member Yogeshwar Dutt gave an aggressive reply to Sanjay Manjrekar and reminded him of anti-India placards at the aforementioned protest. Dutt along with many others reminded Manjrekar about ‘Free Kashmir’ placards at protests and asked him how an ‘anti-India’ protest can be called ‘well done’?

Yogeshwar Dutt is known for his nationalist views and Manjrekar so far has not responded to his question. And as far as we understand Manjrekar, he is not going to reply anytime in the near future.

“This is also the truth of the same procession. @sanjaymanjrekar what do you have to say about such people?”(translated from Hindi), Yogeshwar Dutt replied.

Many others also replied to Sanjay Manjrekar and joined Yogeshwhar Dutt in asking the same question from Sanjay Manjrekar. Check out their replies here: