Shahid Afridi Showed His True Colours And Got Trolled Badly Indians

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Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is very active on social media, where he is known for creating controversies and spewing venom with his tweets on India. He often talks about the issue of Kashmir and tries to gain sympathy by making false accusations on the Indian army. However, he always finds himself at the end of criticism and trolling because of his lies.

Shahid Afridi Showed His True Colours And Got Trolled Badly Indians

Once again, he was at it again. Today, Shahid Afridi took to his twitter and shared a picture of a small boy and claimed how his grandfather was killed in front of him by the Indian army. Sharing the picture, Shahid Afridi wrote:

“A child caught up between his grandfather’s bullet-riddled body and the gun-weilding soldiers. No image can describe the plight of Kashmiris with such grim precision. #kashmirBleeds

Here, check out the tweet:

Well, in reality, this three-year-old boy was rescued by a Jammu and Kashmir policeman while risking his life during ongoing firing by the terrorists. This small boy was traveling with his grandpa to buy some milk when the terrorist attack the joint Naka party.

The tweet soon went viral and was flooded with reactions by Twitterati on this. People were left in a state of anger because of the constant lies of Shahid Afridi. Angry Indians just can’t stop slamming him for spewing venom once again with his tweet.

Amidst many, an Indian twitter user named ‘Madhav Sharma’ came up with a perfect reply for Shahid Afridi, which is now getting viral. In his reply, Madhav Sharma highlighted the real story behind the picture and explained how Shahid Afridi manipulates everyone with his replies. Madhav wrote:

“You are the biggest moron in this world, Shahid Afridi. The poor boy was saved by the Jammu and Kashmir Police force after his uncle was brutally killed by terror groups that are sponsored by your country. Tell your puppet PM and army to stop funding these terror groups, moron.”

Here, check out the reply by Madhav Sharma:

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this: