Shane Warne Wins Hearts With His Gesture For Healthcare Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

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Former Australian skipper Shane Warne recently revealed that his gin distillery, ‘SevenZeroEight’ will now be helping in the production of sanitizers for hospitals in order to help them fight the dangerous coronavirus.

The Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the whole world, has made its effects felt almost in every part of the world. So far, the virus has infected more than 2 lakh people around the world and has caused over 9000 deaths. As far as India is concerned, the numbers are rapidly increasing and have crossed the 200 mark. The Coronavirus has made its impact in Australia as well, where the total number of infected people has reached 565 cases with six fatalities.
In challenging times like this, Shane Warner has decided to lend a helping hand to his nation by doing his bit for the world. Shane Warne shared a press release on his Instagram page confirmed about the same. The press release read:
“Shane Warne and his founders, which included 2 prominent WA surgical specialists, decided to stop production of their award-winning SevenZeroEight gin to shift to producing medical grade 70 per cent alcohol hand sanitiser until further notice”
It added:
An agreement has already been made to provide a continuous supply to two nominated Western Australian hospitals at cost,” 
Shane Warne Wins Hearts With His Gesture For Healthcare Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak
Furthermore, Shane Warne was also quoted saying how it is a challenging time for his country and how we all need to join hands in order to help our healthcare system. He said:
This is a challenging time for Australians and we all need to do what we can to help our healthcare system combat this disease and save lives. I am happy SevenZeroEight has the ability to make this shift and encourage others to do the same,”