Shoaib Akhtar Made A Controversial Statement About Jasprit Bumrah

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Legendary Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtar is very active on social media, where he is often seen giving his opinions on matters related to cricket. The legendary cricketer recently talked about Jasprit Bumrah’s performances and made a big statement regarding his future.

In his latest YouTube video, Shoaib Akhtar explained how Bumrah has a frontal action that can massively hurt his back in the long run and affect his career. He believes that Bumrah will ‘break down’ inside a year if he is not managed well by the Indian team.

Well, a lot has been said and written about the ‘unique’ bowling action of Jasprit Bumrah. His bowling action is believed to be a difficult one and puts pressure on his back. The sensational bowler has been struggling with his form following a back injury that he sustained in late 2019.

While the team management has been taking care of his workout routine, however, Aktar believes that team India needs to reduce the burden off his shoulders to prolong his career. Akhtar believes that Bumrah will break down completely if he plays every game for team India in a year and that he will have to manage himself well if he wants his career to last longer. He said:

His bowling is based on frontal action. Players with that action bowl with their backs and shoulder speed. We used to be side-on, and that is a compensation. Front action has no compensation and with that action, when the back blows out, you can’t escape it irrespective of how much you try,

Shoaib Akhtar Made A Controversial Statement About Jasprit Bumrah

He added:

“I saw [Ian] Bishop’s back blowing out, Shane Bond’s back blowing out, and both has frontal actions. Bumrah now needs to think in this way, ‘I played a match, took an off, and go to rehab’. He needs to manage. If you play him every match, in one year, he will completely break down. Play him three matches out of five and take him out. Bumrah will have to manage this one thing if he wants to last forever,”