Someone Asked The Meaning Of ‘Ma*arc*od’. Urban Dictionary Gave The Most Unexpected Reply

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Twitter is a funny place, it never fails to entertain the users with its funny content. Every day, something or the other gets viral on social media and makes our day. Creative people on twitter keeps giving us hilarious and entertaining stuff that helps us in forgetting all the hustle and bustle of our lives.

Today, while scrolling on twitter, we stumbled on a tweet that was down-right hilarious and totally unexpected.

Well, recently a twitter user with the username “@average_ladka” asked Urban Dictionary the meaning of “mad*rch*d”. Yes, the guy asked Urban Dictionary the meaning of this Hindi abuse or slang.

However, this wasn’t the thing that took us by surprise, it was the reply of Urban Dictionary that has gone viral on twitter and is leaving everyone in splits.

Urban Dictionary, as always, was very quick to come up with the meaning of the word. However, this time, Urban Dictionary came up with a very unexpected reply. Urban Dictionary replied that the meaning of “mad*rch*d” is the Cricket Team of Pakistan.

No, we aren’t joking. That’s exactly what Urban Dictionary replies. Here, check out their tweet: