Sourav Ganguly Finally Talks About Rahul Dravid Joining Team India As Head Coach

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A lot has already been said and written about the former Indian cricketer and legendary batsman Rahul Dravid joining the Indian cricket team as the head coach. There were reports that stated that Rahul Dravid is all set to sign as the coach and the only things left were the logistics of the contract. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly has finally broken his silence on the matter and has put all the speculations to rest.

Sourav Ganguly Finally Talks About Rahul Dravid Joining Team India As Head Coach

Recently, speaking on Salaam Cricket 2021, Sourav Ganguly revealed that Rahul Dravid had earlier said that he wasn’t interested in the position and currently the situation remains the same. He cleared the air regarding his availability for the role of head coach in the Indian cricket team.

Ganguly further quashed all the rumors and claims stating that the process is yet to take place and if Rahul Dravid wants to apply for the position anytime soon, he will. He said:

“There is no confirmation (On Dravid becoming coach). If he wants to apply, he will apply, the process has to happen. For now, he is the coach of NCA and I believe NCA has a big role to play in Indian cricket.“

He added:

“I have spoken to him earlier about this as well and he was not that interested and I feel the situation is still the same. He has asked for some time, let’s see what happens,”

Furthermore, the BCCI President heaped praises on how team India is lucky to have high-caliber players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid amidst their ranks. He feels that it is important to keep great former players involved with the game in the country and utilize their expertise in one way or the other for the development of sports. He said:

How many times do you see players Dravid, (Sachin) Tendulkar, (MS) Dhoni, (VVS) Laxman, and Virat Kohli coming up in one country in such a short span. They have to be utilized. Imagine if you don’t use Wasim Akram in Pakistan then who will you use? In England, if you don’t involve players like Kevin Pietersen or Alastair Cook, who are you going to involve? They have made a place for themselves with their performances and the more these players are involved in Indian cricket, the better it will be for the sport here”