Sunil Gavaskar Gave A Solid Clarification And Smashed The Controversy Out Of The Park

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The world is being taken by a new trend where people tend not to listen to the entirety of something and react as if a nuclear attack has been launched and the planet is facing imminent destruction. The only thing that will be keeping the world from its doom is that verbal response that a user on Twitter will post which will incriminate the alleged person and will send him to an intergalactic gaol, thereby saving the world.
Such was the case with Sunil Gavaskar when he made a comment about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Kohli has failed in two games already and his performance in the second game against Kings XI Punjab was nothing short of woeful. He spilt catches in the game and that too of KL Rahul, post which the Indian opener absolutely destroyed the Bangalore bowling. With the bat, he could only manage to score a single and then was scalped by Sheldon Cottrell.
However, when Sunil Gavaskar found a humorous way to point out the reasons for Kohli’s failure, citing that Kohli was only practising bowling with Anushka Sharma, it was not an innuendo to Virat’s intimate affair. It was a plain simple joke that clearly stated about Kohli’s lack of practice.
Now to make matters interesting, Anushka Sharma couldn’t even comprehend the gravity of the joke and made a mountain out of a molehill. Virat tagged along with Anushka Sharma and brought along a bunch of misled followers who would blindly holler at the top of their lungs anything that their honcho would iterate thrice. Sunil Gavaskar had to face a volley of countless social media assaults as Kohli said that the former Indian batsman has wronged him.
Unfortunately, the actual scenario was nothing of that ilk. The situation was so tragic that Sunil Gavaskar had to take up the mic in a live cricket game and explain himself so that the world would understand what did he exactly mean and stop being a bully. He urged people to see with their eyes and listen with their ears, which actually has become an opposite these days, thereby implying the fact that people simply follow trends without asking for any ratiocination. Such blind following gives them purpose and sadistic pleasure when they find a victim to bully.
Virat Kohli has looked tremendously out of shape in IPL. He couldn’t get comfortable with the bat and neither was he great in the field. His captaincy has been highly questionable. The opener against Sunrisers Hyderabad would have also counted a loss for them if Bairstow wouldn’t have been brash in his efforts.
Probably all this juice which Kohli brought along with himself is a way to mask his failure in the fray so far. Another defeat for RCB can bring out the worst in everyone.