Sunil Gavaskar Gave An Advice To ‘Puncher’ Virat Kohli To Improve His Consistency

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Legendary Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar on Tuesday advised Royal Challengers Bangalore’s skipper Virat Kohli to improve his consistency.

While presenting on Star Sports, Sunil Gavaskar advised Virat Kohli to punch the ball straight instead of looking to guide it towards the third man. He feels that Kohli should stick to his strengths while playing in IPL, where the Indian and RCB skipper Virat Kohli hasn’t been able to perform consistently for the past couple of years.

So far in the ongoing league, Kohli has scored 163 runs from the 6 games he has played for RCB. He has two 30 plus scores and a 50 to his name, however, the skipper has been struggling with consistency and was dismissed cheaply on three occasions.

While interacting on Star Sports, Gavaskar said that people expect big scores from Kohli every time he steps out to bat because of the high standards he has set for himself. HE also added that he should be looking to fire and get more runs adding “He should not be the tickler, he should be the puncher”. HE said:

Yes, he hasn’t fired. He sets such high standards for himself that every time he comes out to bat, people expect a big innings from him, a 50-plus innings from him. I just want to say maybe he should not be the tickler, he should be the puncher,”

What he tried to do today (on Tuesday) was he tried to tickle the ball for a single, he should be looking to hit the ball in such a way the way he drives, the way he punches it around the extra cover area so that’s exactly what he has to do.”

He added:

“He has got to play it straight, he has got to not look to guide the ball to the third man because you want somebody like a Virat Kohli to be punching as he does.

“That flick that he played, those are his strengths. He must keep playing to his strengths, he will be backing to getting runs,”

Talking about Royal Challengers Bangalore, the franchise is currently sitting at the top of the points table after having won 5 off the 6 games they have played so far in the ongoing league