The Best Combined T20I XI Of India and Pakistan

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India and Pakistan have evolved as two unstoppable forces in world cricket at the moment and the current string of players who ply their trade for the respective nations are masters of their craft.

Not everyone is as good as the others but there are a few individuals who can almost single-handedly change the equation of the contest with their individual heroics as we talk about the individual heroes, let us try and string together a team of eleven players who will be combined from both the sides if a team is ever formed between India and Pakistan for the shortest format of the game.

The Best Combined T20I XI Of India and Pakistan
Image Source – ICC Cricket

Openers: Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam

The Hitman has already produced countless cricketing glories over the years and continues being a major threat across the globe in all formats of the sport. He comes alive in his most menacing version when the equation boils down to T20s, the format that arrested his decline in the initial years of his career. He would undoubtedly be the first pick as an opener to lead the lines for the team as an opener.

Azam may be thriving at the number three position, but the current form that he is in, he can face any bowler under circumstances. Rohit is a destructive striker of the cherry and will be going all guns blazing right since word go. Since Rohit will be on the charge, Babar will get the required time at the start of the innings and then can continue with his much-needed onslaught.

The Best Combined T20I XI Of India and Pakistan
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Middle order: Virat Kohli, Mohammed Rizwan, Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja

Virat Kohli will undoubtedly be under the scanner given his current roll of form but the history that he brings to the table makes him an unstoppable force for any team in the world. Those turnstile wrists, those famished eyes and the mastery over a particular situation makes him absolutely unstoppable.

Mohammed Rizwan has been making a lot of noises for all the right reasons with the willow. He is a sturdy striker of the ball and is known for his masterful command over a situation. He usually comes in at the number five position, a place in the batting order needs control and aggression in the same breath.

Suryakumar Yadav has established himself as a strong contender for any middle-order in the shortest format of the game. He has a wide range of strokes up his sleeves and can bring about a significant change with the bat in the hand. He already proved it in England that he has the capability to win matches almost single-handedly.

Hardik Pandya is in the form of his life and will be extremely crucial to the shape of the team, given his maturity over the years and his all-round ability that has seen him evolve like a true titan of the T20 sport.

Rishabh Pant’s recent form makes him the perfect fit at the number five position of any given T20 team and the kind of shot range that he walks into the mix with, he is absolutely unstoppable. He doesn’t like to wait in the middle. For him it is the situation that matters. He would either wait it out or start bringing the heavy artillery in the equation just when the situation demands him to.

Ravindra Jadeja is one of the finest all-rounders in the world at the moment and you won’t find a better run-scorer, better wicket-taker and probably an unparalleled fielder in the cricketing world at the moment. His game-reading and adaptation to the same makes him one of the finest picks for any given T20 team in the world.

The Best Combined T20I XI Of India and Pakistan
Image Source – News18

Bowlers: Shaheen Afridi, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal

Shaheen Afridi and Jasprit Bumrah are currently the best fast bowlers in the world and imagine facing them from both ends, makes life a living hell for the ones with the bat. Relentless yorkers and nasty bumpers raining upon you at 145 plus clicks and you deciding whether to guide them to safety or simply run away from hell.

Chahal’s recent form would be inspiring for any team to retain his services, considering the fact that he can turn the ball by a good deal and he has a keen knack for wickets. Even though he has proven to be a tad bit expensive, yet his penchant for scalps makes him an unstoppable force at the heart of any bowling unit.

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