These Hilarious Old Posts Prove That Shoaib Akhtar Is Super-Entertaining

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Pakistan pacer Shoaib Akhtar is hailed as one of the greatest bowlers to have ever played the game. In fact, he belongs to a diminishing group of players who were indulged in some high-voltage thrillers against the Indian cricket team during his prime time. He has brought laurels to his country’s name and has created several big records during his playing days for the Pakistan cricket team.

Though, it has been a long time since the legendary bowler took retirement from the game, but he is often seen making headlines because of his bold opinions. Shoaib Akhtar is very active on social media, where he actively shares his views and opinions on the matter related to cricket and cricketers, however, in his own trademark style.

While his bowling skills can never be questioned, but his YouTube videos on cricket-related matters never fail to leave us splits. He is the only yesteryear player, who can say stuff like baal katwa liye, pace zyaada ho gayi bande ki, which is of course not a useful input to give but he is Shoaib Akhtar after all. He is the super-fast pacer from yesteryears, and he will remind you this things a thousand times during his videos.

If his YouTube videos weren’t enough, we have found some of his Facebook posts from 8 years ago and they are just epic just like his YouTube video. These Facebook posts are so funny to be not shared with our audience.

Here, check out some of the hilarious posts we found on Shoaib Akhtar’s Facebook’s timeline:

1. Shoaib trolling Shahid Afridi:

2. Self-obsession at its peak:

3. Cringe alert:

4. Lol, it was a Afridi simp account:

5. Yes, yes, we know:

6. Don, really?:

7. Too much pressure for Irfan:

8. Ooops:

9. Shoaib Akhtar is simping on Shahid Afridi:

10. Wait, what????

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