This is the right time to elevate Virat Kohli to full-time Test captaincy: Ian Chappell

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Virat Kohli’s aggressive captaincy in the first Test has impressed one and all. When many thought that India would go for a draw and just look play the time out, Kohli encouraged his boys to be aggressive and go for the win. Although, India lost the match, but the manner in which Virat Kohli went about the chase will encourage Team India to be aggressive and positive for the rest of series.

Before the start of the series, Virat Kohli had said that he wants his team to play an aggressive brand of cricket. Kohli, in all his press conferences before the start of series, was very particular about being aggressive and he gave a lot of emphasis on being positive.

Over the years, Mahendtra Singh Dhoni has received a lot of criticism for his defensive captaincy in Test cricket. But, Dhoni has been too stubborn and he has never changed his style.

Former Australian captain Ian Chappell has said that has passed his “use-by-date” and it’s the right time for Team India to give the responsibility to Virat Kohli. Chappell, who was very impressed with Kohli’s captaincy in the first Test, was all praise for Virat Kohli in his column for ESPNcricinfo.  

“Kohli’s performance over three and a half days must have tempted the selectors into thinking now is the right time to elevate him to full-time Test captaincy. There’s no doubt that MS Dhoni has passed his use-by-date as a Test captain, and this seems the perfect time to enact the changeover,” Chappell wrote in his column for ESPNcricinfo.

Virat Kohli is someone who enjoys extra responsibility. He has a very solid temperament and he performs even better under pressure.

Courage, decision making and leading from the front are the three most important aspects of leadership. In the first Test, Virat Kohli exhibited all these three qualities. Kohli’s courageous knock under pressure and his clear decision making will surely encourage his team to come out with a positive frame of mind.

Many great leaders of the past have said that winning is all about believing and Virat Kohli is someone who believes in himself more than anyone else. He is a very confident young man and now, he just needs to mature as a leader and learn how to transfer this belief and confidence to his teammates as well.

The only area where Kohli needs to improve as a captain is- keeping a check on his emotions.

“The one issue that has always clouded the future of Kohli as a captain raised its ugly head in Adelaide when his emotions got the better of him as a second on-field altercation erupted,” Ian Chappell wrote.


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