This Twitter User Predict Virat Kohli’s Scores Accurately During The Second Test

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The wait for Virat Kohli’s 71 international century has been extended – and one may wonder now if it’s ever going to be fulfilled! – as he was dismissed for the score of 13 runs in the second innings of the Bangalore Test versus Sri Lanka after he had been dismissed for 23 in the first innings. However, Virat Kohli may consider himself unlucky in the game as on both occasions he got almost unplayable deliveries, to which neither he nor perhaps anyone could have been able to handle it.

After receiving a grubber in the first innings from Dhananjaya de Silva when the ball scooted low from short of length that hard Kohli on the backfoot, he got out lbw in a similar manner in the second innings to left-arm spinner Praveen Jayawickrama.

This Twitter User Predict Virat Kohli’s Scores Accurately During The Second Test


Another length delivery that came into Kohli who was on the back foot looking to work it away on the leg side but was undone by the low bounce. It hit on his back leg which was right in front of the stumps and the ball was crashing into the leg stick. Kohli knew his fate even before umpire Nitin Menon raised his finger. Kohli stood there for a while – as he did in the first innings – and walked off with a wry smile, knowing he had been dealt a really losable hand from the pitch this time as well.

The fans were once again left disappointed and wanting for more from the former skipper. However, one user, with Twitter handle @Cric_FuN7, was really confident that Kohli won’t be scoring many runs.

This Twitter user in fact had predicted that Virat Kohli will be scoring 13 runs in the second innings and will get out lbw to spin!

“Virat Kohli will make 13 of 27 balls in the second innings. He will be looking Comfortable and suddenly the ball will spin a lot and trap him plumb in front of the stumps. He will act shocked and Disappointed with himself and he will Walk off,” the user had tweeted before Kohli’s arrival at the crease on Sunday.

The user’s prediction has left the social media shocked; this is also the second time in this series that a fan had predicted Kohli’s dismissal mode and his score. In the first Test in Mohali, another fan had made a bang-on prediction.

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