Top 5 Batsmen Who Have Remained Not-Out Most No. Of Times In An IPL Season

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IPL is a game of ‘perform or perish’. You either put in a noteworthy performance or stand the risk of getting booted out of the team. Remaining not out throughout the innings of a match is somewhat a matter of pride for any batsman. Some players have remained not out a lot of times. Today we will take a look at the top 5 batsmen who have remained not out the most times in an IPL season.

#1. MS Dhoni – 10 (2014)

MS Dhoni is an MVP. He adds value to any team that he is a part of.  He is a tremendous batsman and an even better captain. Widely regarded as one of the best finishers in the world, Dhoni is as good as they come. While the 2014 season wasn’t a great one for the ‘Men in Yellow’, it was a good one from his batting’s perspective. He tops this list by remaining not out in 10 instances in the 2014 IPL season.

#2. Hardik Pandya- 9 (2017)

Hardik Pandya is arguably the best finisher in the world. The talented youngster has made his name in the national team. He is also a permanent fixture in the Mumbai Indians outfit. Pandya’s explosive style has won his team many impossible matches. He was in the midst of a great run in the 2017 IPL. He remained not out 9 times in that edition of the tournament.

#3. MS Dhoni – 9 (2018)

MS Dhoni makes another appearance, this time remaining not out 9 times in the 2018 edition of the IPL. He scored 455 runs that year and maintained an incredible 75+ average. Batting at a strike rate of 150.4, he hit 30 sixes and 24 boundaries in the tournament. Following his impressive performances, CSK won the 2018 IPL tournament.

#4. Dwayne Bravo – 8 (2012)

Top 5 Batsmen Who Have Remained Not-Out Most No. Of Times In An IPL Season

Dwayne Bravo is another player who has turned many games around for the Kings and has excelled as an all-rounder. So it comes off as no surprise when he is included in this list. he remained not out 8 times in the 2012 IPL. He has remained a CSK fixture for a long time and justifies his position in the team with aplomb every year.

#5. Yusuf Pathan – 8 (2016)

Top 5 Batsmen Who Have Remained Not-Out Most No. Of Times In An IPL Season

Yusuf Pathan is an explosive batsman who could’ve been so much more for the national team. While that looks like a missed opportunity, he has made himself comfortable in the IPL. A KKR veteran, Yusuf has always been an anchor for the Knights. He was at his explosive best in 2016, scoring runs at almost a strike rate of 150. He remained not out 8 times in the 2016 edition of the IPL.