Top 5 Left-Handed Batsmen With The Highest Strike Rate In IPL

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IPL: Cricket has gifted us hard-hitting monstrous left-handers of the game whose attacking approach has scared bowlers to the very bone. Now, being candid, these hard-hitters have completely evolved from classic stroke-players to innovative geniuses.

One of the primary spectrums in which the hard-hitters have even got more powerful and technically brilliant is the Indian Premier League. Playing host to several greats of the game in a cut and run T-20 competition, IPL has played the breeding ground for monsters of the game.

We will look at destructive southpaws who have also left a significant impact on the tournament in different editions through their batting. This article will aim in encapsulating five gigantic left-handed batsmen with the highest strike rate in the IPL. The minimum criterion to qualify for this list was to score at least 200 runs in the entire phase of the IPL.

1. Sunil Narine – 168.34

Probably the most startling name to start the list with is a part-time batsman, who was promoted to the opening of the innings for his choice shots and his brief storm at the beginning of the knock by KKR. This decision by the management enhanced his batting skills and he went on to plunder 771 runs at a stunning strike rate of 168.34.

Though the Caribbean spinner is still to leave a lasting legacy with the bat, he is a good pick in the beginning to exploit the powerplay. He has racked up 93 boundaries and 44 over-boundaries until date.

2. Moeen Ali – 165.92

Top 5 Left-Handed Batsmen With The Highest Strike Rate In IPL

Plying his trade for Royal Challengers Bangalore, this English all-rounder is another big hitter of the ball. He is capable of unleashing unparalleled pyrotechnics in the middle order. However, there is a major issue with his consistency. He has managed to rack up 297 runs at an average of 165.92 which features 20 boundaries and 23 sixers.

3. Rishabh Pant – 162.69

Touted as MS Dhoni’s successor, Rishabh Pant is one of the most destructive wicket-keeping-batsman in the nation. Known for his hard-hitting ability, and his all-around-the-park performance, Pant is capable of hammering the bowlers at will.

With 1736 runs under his belt, he also has a century in IPL. He has totted up 152 boundaries and 94 sixes until date.

4. Chris Gayle – 151.02

Top 5 Left-Handed Batsmen With The Highest Strike Rate In IPL

This strike rate of 151.02 has come after a lot of more innings than the first two monikers. From 124 innings, Gayle has racked up 4484 runs which also features the highest individual knock in a single innings in IPL.

His boundary count reads 368 fours and 326 sixes, way beyond anyone’s frenzied envisions. Beware of the black bandana flying beneath the helmet.

5. Krunal Pandya – 146.06

Top 5 Left-Handed Batsmen With The Highest Strike Rate In IPL

Though he is not as imposing as his elder brother, Krunal Pandya is a significant appellation in the colors of Mumbai Indians.

With 2755 runs under his belt, Krunal Pandya has an astonishing average of 146.06. His boundary count reads 86 fours and 35 sixes.