Twitterati Trolled Aakash Chopra For Tweeting Against Re-Opening Of Religious Places

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It has been more than two months since India is under the lockdown period because of the Coronavirus pandemic, which hit the country in early March. As the Coronavirus numbers increased rapidly, the Indian government announced four consecutive phases of lockdown.
However, the fourth lockdown phase will come to an end today and the government has already announced the new provisions, which are to be followed once the fourth phase of the lockdown will come to an end.
As per the latest release, the containment areas will continue to maintain lockdown till June 30, however, the non-containment areas will reopen (phase wise) from June 8. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and places of worship will also reopen from June 8, 2020. A release from MHA read:
“Religious places and places of worship for the public; hotels, restaurants and other hospitality services; and shopping malls will be permitted to open from 8 June 2020. The government will issue a set of guidelines in this regard,” 

As soon as this news came to light, social media was already flooded with reactions from Twitterati. While many were in favor of the government for ‘unlock1’, there were many who expressed their disappointment with the same.
Popular cricketer turned commentator Aakash Chopra also joined the bandwagon and took to his Twitter and expressed his disappointment regarding the reopening of religious places. In his tweet, Aakash Chopra questioned the government about the reason behind it. He wrote:
“Malls, Restaurants etc. have financial implications…and perhaps, that’s why it’s not feasible to keep them shut forever. But why do we need the places of worship to open for public?? God’s everywhere….isn’t it??”
Here, check out the tweet:

This tweet of Aakash Chopra didn’t go down well with the netizens, who are now slamming him left, right and center over his tweet. Many netizens schooled Aakash Chopra about the income of several people who work at these religious places. There were many who expressed their disappointment regarding the reluctance Aakash presented his argument.
Here, check out some of the reactions of Twitterati on this: