VIDEO: Virat Kohli’s heartfelt #SandeshToSoldiers

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India’s Test captain Virat Kohli joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s #SandeshToSoldiers campaign with a personal message to the brave hearts, through his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Virat Kohli has a massive following on social media and his message will surely inspire many Indians to join the #SandeshToSoldiers campaign and spread more awareness about the handwork done by our brave soldiers.

Virat Kohli hailed the sacrifices made by the soldiers who stay away from home, and their loves ones even during the times of festivities.

“I, Virat Kohli, want to wish on this Diwali our jawans all the best,” he wrote on Twitter. I know what it means staying away from the family. The way you protect our country is worth a lot of praise. My brothers, keep faith that I and the entire country will always be with you,” he said.

He also wrote, “whenever you see a jawan, salute them. We get to celebrate festivals & live in peace because of them. Jai Hind #Sandesh2Soldiers. Watch it here:

VIDEO: Virat Kohli’s heartfelt #SandeshToSoldiers