Virat Kohli Finally Breaks His Silence On Alleged Rift With Anil Kumble

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In the last 5 days or so, all the focus has been on the alleged spat between India’s captain Virat Kohli and head coach Anil Kumble. Even when the team is practising hard in England to defend their ICC Champions Trophy title, media have given more importance to dressing room gossips and stories.

On the eve of India’s opening match against arch-rivals Pakistan, Kohli spoke on the matter and said that would all the speculations to rest. When media persons asked him about his alleged spat with Kumble, Kohli said that there are no issues whatsoever.

“There are no issues whatsoever. (between me and Kumble) There’s is a lot of speculation going around and a lot of things are being written without being a part of the change room, which is very strange,” Kohli said during the pre-match press conference in Edgbaston,” Kohli said. 

“In India, people lack patience and speculate a lot. Too much impatience, too much speculation. Without being a part of the process or the system, or without having a first-hand experience of things, I wouldn’t pass judgments or speculate sitting afar,” he added.

Virat Kohli Finally Breaks His Silence On Alleged Rift With Anil Kumble

When asked about why he didn’t speak on the matter before, Kohli said it wouldn’t have made much of a difference because people write whatever they want to but nobody has the courage to admit or accept. 

“Even if I do, and I later realize that I’m wrong, I would admit that I was wrong. People write whatever they want to, but nobody has the courage to admit or accept if they have written something wrong,” he added.

“I have already said this before that everything is a part of the process, and I don’t see why people are creating so many speculations about it. Even the last time it had happened, and I didn’t find anyone creating speculations then. Then, why so many speculations now?

“There are no issues whatsoever, and the team is focussed on the Champions Trophy.”