Virat Kohli is a little bull-terrier in his own right: Sir Viv Richards

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India’s newly appointed Test captain Virat Kohli, has got a new admirer for his on-field aggression. The legendary West Indian batsman who terrorized every bowler he played against, Sir Isaac Vivian Richards, has praised Virat Kohli saying, the new captain is one of those very few Indian cricketers who do not shy away from having a verbal fight with opposition players.

Sir Richards said, he loves Virat Kohli’s attitude. Richards talked about the changing nature of the game and said it is important to be aggressive on the field as you will always have guys coming at you.

“I love that man. People have got to understand that this game has changed quite a bit. Regardless of how good you are, you’re going to have guys coming at you. You’re going to have stuff being said,” Richards told 3AW radio station.

“As long as it’s said in the best of manners, I don’t think it’s going to be too disruptive to that particular individual. When you have that sort of stuff, to me it always brings the best out of any individual. If you are up with your game and ahead of your game, for some reason you can respond,” Richards added.

Richards also said that past Indian teams have always been at the receiving end but Kohli is a modern day cricketer who believes in giving it back. Richards praised Kohli saying he backs his verbal aggression with his bat and this is the most important part.

“Some of the past Indian teams would have crumbled with some of the stuff that’s been said. But Virat Kohli is one of those modern-day players who’s a little bull-terrier in his own right,” Richards said.

“If you look at the scores he’s amassed, it shows you he enjoys the contest. To come out smelling sweet at the end of it, it’s a good feeling,” Richards added. 


By The Cricket Lounge