Virat Kohli Revealed The Name Of His Favourite Player

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The skipper of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli has come a long way, he is regarded as the best and the finest cricketer in the world right now. His transformation is something that you can’t miss, he has completely transformed himself and have emerged out to be the fittest cricketer ever.

He enjoys a huge fan following, who are crazy for him and treat him as their role-model. We all have witnessed his journey, be it his transformation, his struggles, his aggression, the way he has managed to keep moving further in his career and keep achieving all that he has, is something that inspires each one of us.

We all need inspirations in our lives, that keeps us going, that motivates us everytime we want to quit. Virat Kohli is an inspiration to millions of aspiring cricketers who wan’t to make it big in their lives. However, there is someone in the world who inspires him.

Recently, in an interview Virat Kohli revealed the name of his ultimate favorite player, that motivates him. No, the player is not a cricket player but a legendary tennis player.

Well, we are talking about none other than Roger Federer. Talking about him, Virat said :

“Roger Federer is my ultimate favourite. When he plays it’s so beautiful. He has a family now, priorities set, he takes time out of the game without worrying about opinions and criticism of people and then he comes in and wins Grand Slams at 36, he is defying all the logics and that’s something I totally love. I hate following the norm and he is someone who is breaking barriers on a daily basis and I have huge respect for him,”

We can’t agree more with Captain Kohli, Roger Federer is an inspiration in every way.

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