Virat Kohli Reveals Why He Will Never Leave RCB

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Virat Kohli’s everlasting connection with Royal Challengers Bangalore has proved to be the most beautiful of all, showing how a long bond between two entities can benefit both. Kohli has been the flag-bearer for RCB right since the franchise’s inception and still continues to be the beacon of their excellence.

As we head into the 13th edition of the glamorous fray in the next two weeks, Kohli will be making a footfall being the second-highest run-scorer of the tournament. He will also be fighting to surpass his previous record of scoring the highest runs as an individual in the fray in a particular season.

It was in 2011 when the franchise handed over the onus of leadership to Virat Kohli and he hasn’t disappointed ever since. It was in 2016, where the Indian Premier League stayed witness to the first-hand onslaught which the Indian skipper imposed upon his counterparts.  Despite such towering showdowns, the collective fiasco of RCB has always left them empty-handed. They are still to lay their hands on the prize despite making it to two finals.

When he was asked on a video on RCB’s Twitter handle that whether he would like to part ways with RCB ever, he very politely and yet firmly stated that there isn’t a chance. His words were, “It has been 12 years. It is such an amazing journey, so surreal. For a lot of people, it’s all about obvious we want to achieve the ultimate goal for the RCB. We have come close thrice but haven’t made it.”

He continued, “That’s always gonna be our dream together and I was just thinking there is no way in any scenario that I can ever think of leaving this team, because of the love and care, the franchise has shown.”

The Indian run-machine continued saying, “You can feel emotional about the season going well or not but to have that loyalty with Bangalore, with RCB its quite surreal. Till the time I play IPL, regardless of how we play, I’ll never leave this team.”

Virat Kohli left the fans impressed with clips from his latest net session as his hammering seemed not just menacing but exactly like what he used to be before the lockdown, even better.

He finally concludes by saying, “Five months (back) is the last time when I had a net session. So, we had a net session in India when South Africa was here but we could not play the match in Dharamshala because it was raining. Then we got to Lucknow and then we had to come back. So, the last session which was five months ago, honestly I did not feel like that. You are just ready to be moving and mobile on the field and then the instincts kick in.”