Virat Kohli Talks About How He Felt After Losing The 2019 World Cup Semi-Final

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The semi-final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was nothing less than a nightmare for Indian cricket fans. The entire build-up of the game was about India being the favorites and how India had a bright chance of lifting the World Cup trophy once again at the iconic Lord’s balcony. 

New Zealand outplayed India and broke the hearts of millions of Indian cricket fans back home and across the world. Recently, the Indian captain Virat Kohli gave an interview to India Today in which he spoke about that semi-final and what was going on in his mind and dressing room, for the first time since that heart-breaking defeat.

Virat Kohli was asked how he got affected by that failure and he gave a very articulate reply. The Indian captain said he had a strong feeling that he would come not out and win the match for India but when he failed to do so, he realized that it was his “ego talking”.

“Do I get affected by failures. Yes, I do. Everyone does. At the end of the day, I know my team would need me. I had the feeling so strong in my heart that I am going to come not out and make India go through that tough phase [in the semi-final]. But then again, maybe that was my ego talking because how can you predict something like that? You can only have a strong feeling or maybe it was a strong desire to do something like that,” Virat Kohli told India Today.

Virat Kohli Talks About How He Felt After Losing The 2019 World Cup Semi-Final

“I hate losing. I don’t want to walk out and say I could have done this. When I step out on the field, it’s a privilege. When I walk out, I want to have zero energy. We want to leave behind a legacy that future cricketers will say we want to play like that,” Kohli further added.

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