Virat Kohli Tells Why He Copied Kesrick William’s ‘Notebook’ Celebration

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Never mess with the skipper, he will surely return back what you give. And the testimony of this fact was given last night by him as he gave it back to Kesrick Williams by imitating his ‘notebook’ celebrations.

It was a power-packed performance from the ‘run-machine’ – Virat Kohli last night in the first T20 Internation series against West Indies. The Indian skipper, once again, made everyone sit on the edge of their seats with his impeccable batting skills as he went on to score 94* to chase down mammoth 208 with more than an over to spare.

Alongside his partner KL Rahul, Virat Kohli gave a blockbuster performance and helped his team to gun down their highest-ever T20I chase in the first T20 Internation series against West Indies.

Though Kohli struggled, in the beginning, to find the rhythm but a couple of boundaries brought back his rhythm and he started hitting his trademark lofted drives and the long jaw-dropping shots and took the game with a storm. And the same was reflected when he smashed a Kesrick Williams’ deliveries.

It was the 16th over of the game when the skipper Kieron Pollard handed over the balling responsibility to Kesrick Williams. On the first ball itself, Kieron missed his mark slightly and was smashed by Kohli straight down the ground to a beautiful boundary. Soon after pulling this boundary, Virat Kohli mocked the West Indies bowler and entertained the fans.

Well, in 2017, Kesrick Williams had given Virat Kohli a ‘notebook-style’ send-off after taking his wicket. Seems like it was one of the things King Kohli could not forget. The incident took place during the one-off T20I in Jamaica when Williams had got Kohli out on 29 and did the infamous ‘notebook’ celebrations.

In a video posted by the official twitter handle of BCCI, Virat can be seen talking about his actions. In the video, he emphasizes that one should play hard but never disrespect the opponent. He said:

“It happened to me in Jamaica when he got me out. So I thought I’ll tick a few in the notebook as well, but all good. There were a few words, but smiles at the end. That’s what you want to see. Good competitive cricket but in the end shake hands and give a hi-fi.”

Here, watch the video: