Virat Kohli Throws A Challenge To Usain Bolt Puts Up One Of His Dearest Things

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Virat Kohli is currently the best batsman in the world right now. Recently, he was ranked as number one batsmen in ODI and test series by the ICC rankings. Yesterday, he took to twitter and challenged one of the ace Jamaican sprinter and world record holder, Usain Bolt, for a bet and he has put his dearest thing on bet.

Yes, you read that right, Virat Kohli has challenged Usain Bolt for a unique bet and is ready to give away his favorite cricket spikes if he looses the bet.

Here, have a look at Virat Kohli’s tweet for Usain Bolt :

The tweet read”:
Yo @usainbolt, bet a pair of my favourite Cricket spikes, you can’t guess which Indian cricketer is coming on board with @PUMA next! Just caught wind of the news… ?”

Usain Bolt was quick to reply Virat Kohli on his bet. Here, have a look at his reply to Virat :

The tweet read:
Yow @imVkohli , I got the news already! I’m betting a pair of my favorite PUMA Running spikes – I know who this is! He’s fast (but not as fast as me ?). Let’s wait and see who wins.”

However, this isn’t the first time that these two greats have interacted on social media. Last year, when Usain Bolt took retirement, Virat Kohli had posted a video to congratulate him on his glorious career.

Here, have a look at the video :

In the video, Virat Kohli said :
“Hey, Usain! I know it’s your last race we are going to miss you a lot on the track. From me and everyone in the Puma family, we wish you all the very best for this one and all your future endeavours. If you ever wanna play cricket you know where to find me,”

Usain Bolt has replied with a tweet that read : “Thanks Champ!”

Well, seems like Puma is really turning the two greats into two great friends.

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