Virat Kohli Uploaded A ‘Squad’ Picture, Twitterati Are Asking ‘Where Is Rohit?”

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The rumors that ‘all is not well’ inside the Indian cricket team’s dressing room are refusing to die. The rumors of a rift between Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, and vice-captain, Rohit Sharma are going around ever since India’s heartbreaking exit from world cup 2019.

Since then, the rumors of their rift has only escalated. There have been many reports going around which claims that Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli’s rift has divided the dressing room into two halves.

Recently, Virat Kohli uploaded a picture on his social media, which has now added more fuel to the fire.

On Friday, Virat Kohli took to his social media and shared a picture of him with ‘Men-in-blue’ after a training session ahead of the 1st T20I vs West Indies in Florida. Virat Kohli captioned the picture as “SQUAD”.  However, in the picture, many players including Rohit Sharma were missing.

Here, check out his post:

The fans were quick to point out the absence of Rohit Sharma from the group photo. Fans started speculating that rumored rift between the two cricketers is the reason behind Rohit Sharma’s absence from the pic.

Fans flooded the tweet, asking Captain Kohli about Rohit Sharma. Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted to the picture:

Meanwhile, ahead of the upcoming tour to West Indies, Virat Kohli addressed the media and rubbished the rumors of a rift between him and Rohit. He said:

“In my opinion, it’s baffling and ridiculous to read such stuff. Public talks about how well we’ve played, and here we’re feeding lies and talking about negative things. And I’ve seen this being brought up for far too long now. It’s bizarre how people are creating these things. You enter the dressing room and witness for yourself the kind of healthy atmosphere that’s there. The lies are made to look believable.”

He added:

“We are living and breathing in getting Team India to the top, and here some people are doing there best to bring us down. The friendship and camaraderie are there for everyone to see.”

“If the atmosphere in the team is not well, the team would not have been so consistent so far. We have climbed from no. 7 to no. 1. This cannot be done without the camaraderie between the players.”