Virat Kohli wants to share a “big secret” with his fans #Forever

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Virat Kohli is one of the most followed cricketers on social media and he engages with his fans regularly by posting pictures and videos on his social networking accounts. Kohli is very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keeps updating his fans with selfies, videos and his travel updates.

On 6th February, Virat Kohli posted a GIF with a message “When you’ve got something to tell the world. But you can’t yet. #Forever”. This made his fans curious and they all strated waiting for the next update from the Indian captain.

One day later, on 7th February, he posted another GIF and this time the message was: “So everyone. What’s the big secret? #Forever”

Now, Virat’s fans are eager to know the “big secret” he wants to sure. We are assuming that it is about his new business venture. Kohli is a very innovative entrepreneur and he has already involved himself in wide range of products from clothes to music accessories.

More to follow…