Virat Kohli’s 3 biggest contributions to Indian cricket

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Virat Kohli is arguably the best batsman in world cricket across all three formats of the game. In the last three years or so, Kohli has worked very hard and broken many batting records in the game. Many believe that Kohli is India’s backbone in all three forms of the game. India’s batting-unit plays around Kohli and he anchors the innings more often than not.

Well, this is not the only contribution Virat Kohli makes to Indian cricket team. In this post, The Cricket Lounge’s Vaibhav Sharma looks at Virat Kohli’s contribution to Indian cricket.

1. Fitness 

Virat Kohli is arguably the fittest cricketer in world cricket. He works extremely hard on his fitness and inspires the dressing room to do so. In the last 2 years or so, we have seen many Indian cricketers putting out their fitness pictures and videos on social media. Virat Kohli has played a big part in motivating his teammates to work hard on their fitness and be at par with cricketers from Australia or anywhere in the world.

2. Fielding 

Virat Kohli’s 3 biggest contributions to Indian cricket

Virat Kohli is one of the best fielders in world cricket. From close in positions to fielding in the deep, Kohli gives it his all every time he steps on the field. As we know, Kohli leads Team India in Test cricket, he, in a way, inspires others to work hard on their fielding, too. It’s an old saying that a leader should always lead from the front, and this is exactly what Kohli does in Test cricket.

3. Respect for seniors 

Virat Kohli’s 3 biggest contributions to Indian cricket

When Virat Kohli played a match-winning knock against Pakistan in the last edition of iCC World T20, he marched straight towards the stand where Sachin Tendulkar was sitting and dedicated his knock to the Little Master by bowing down in front of live cameras and massive crowd. There was one more moment, when Virat Kohli interrupted a pre-match show featuring Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag, just give them a memento. Virat Kohli is Indian cricket’s poster boy and his respectful attitude towards seniors will surely inspire others in the team.