Watch: Mohammad Nabi Gracefully Shuts Down A Journalist Who Asked A Controversial Question

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The Afghanistan cricket team led by Mohammad Nabi was defeated by Pakistan in the 24th match of the T20 World Cup 2021. It was Pakistan’s 3rd win in the row. While the Pakistani team is being praised for their complete performance, on the other hand, the skipper of the Afghanistan cricket team has hogged all the limelight for elegantly shutting down a journalist.

A lot has changed in Afghanistan over the last few months, with the Taliban overthrowing the existing government in the country. After the match, a journalist tried to persuade Nabi to answer his questions regarding the situation.

Well, after getting thrashed by Pakistan in the match, Nabi was attending the post-match press conference at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, when he was asked a controversial question. He was asked questions surrounding the political turmoil in the country.

He was also asked if strong relations with Pakistan will help Afghanistan cricket grow further in the future. The journalist asked:

“Afghanistan have played very well and they have won two matches. Is there any kind of fears that when you return home, you will be questioned as the government and situation have changed?” 

“In this new era, Afghanistan share a healthy relation with Pakistan. Do you feel that the Afghan team will be strengthened because of this?” the journalist questioned further.

Nabi was left bemused with the question, but he showed a lot of calmness and asked the journalist to stick to cricket-based questions. He replied: “Can we talk about cricket leaving aside the situation? It would be better if we talk about cricket. We are here for the World Cup after taking proper preparations. So, you may ask any questions related to cricket.”

However, despite Nabi not wanting to answer the question, the journalist kept asking and urging him. But Nabi retorted saying it isn’t a cricket-related question. Soon the reporter’s query was shut down by the moderator and the press conference moved forward.

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