What Is Virat Kohli Like In Real Life? Read To Find It Out!

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Indian captain Virat Kohli comes across as a very aggressive and angry character on the field. He gives his best every single time he steps on the field and, if needed, doesn’t mind having a go at the opposition players.

Now, we all know that he, like every other public figure, has two lives- personal and professional. It must be made clear that the way he treats the opposition and carries himself on the field, doesn’t indicate his style off the field. Many pundits and fans say that Kohli is a very arrogant cricketer. But, before making any such claim, it is very important that we do some research about the player and his personal life.

While doing some research on Kohli and his lifestyle off the field, we came across a thread on Quora. Now, this thread is a must-read for all those who think Virat Kohli is rude and arrogant.

1) Meeting a 16-year old cancer patient on the request of his grandmother

“Siddhant Duby, a 16 year old boy from Bhopal is suffering from cancer is being treated in a private hospital in Ahmedabad, as most of the kids of his age he is also a huge fan of Virat Kohli and when he heard the news that Virat is in Ahmedabad for an IPL match, he insisted on meeting him. His grandmother thought it would be worth giving a shot and she went to the hotel where he was staying with all the documents for proof.

She met him, told her grandson’s wish and he responded promptly. He not only went to the hospital to meet the kid but also sent 2 VVIP tickets for him and his grandmother with his car along with a driver to pick him up from the hospital so that he can witness the match live 🙂

2) Vishvendra Singh Tomar feels Virat Kohli is “curious” 

“In one word: Curious!

(Source: ABP News)

After the Manchester Attack, the security in London is beefed-up all around ad so is for Indian Cricket Team.

Virat Kohli, while going out to play first practice match (vs New Zealand), finds a lady security guard with a big gun: Instinctively, he asks about her gun and her duty.”

3) A selfie after sweating it out for hours 

“This was year 2012 when Team India came to Indore for a game against West Indies. Back then, he had already become a star and it was natural of him to be a bit Rusty.

I was called as a “Net Bowler” and bowled to almost all the Indian team. In the end, after a gruelling practice session i aksed him for a picture.

A lot of players were coming to him asking for a picture and he clicked with everybody patiently. At the end, when he was hell tired i went to him and he obliged.

Having met him so closely, the fact is he is very professional and enthusiastic about playing the game. I never found him merrying around wasting time and took part in the session religiously.

He might have behaved abrasively with fans but fans take everything for granted in lieu of being the die hard fan of the game. “

4) A special gift for his coach 

“During 2014 Teacher’s Day, Vikas (Virat Kohli’s elder brother) went to his coach Rajkumar Sharma’s home early in the morning. Vikas stepped into the house and then he dialled a number and handed his mobile to Raj Kumar.

What Is Virat Kohli Like In Real Life? Read To Find It Out!

‘Happy teacher’s Day Sir,’ said Virat, even as Vikas thrust something into Rajkumar’s palms — a bunch of keys. “Rajkumar stood perplexed as Vikas requested him to step out of his house. A gleaming Skoda Rapid was parked at the gate — a gift from Virat to his mentor.” Not just because of the gift but the emotional touch showed how much he valued their association as well as the role of his teacher in his life.”

5) Arpit Pandey feels Virat’s bad boy image is all media’s creation 

“Arrogant, full of attitude and bad guys all these shades of Kohli were created by news channels. In personal life, he is very humble, helping and ya opposite to his personality cool headed person.

Helping nature:
Virat has launched a foundation to help the underprivileged kids.”

6) Kshitij Chitransh narrates another beautiful story. 
“This girl is Malabika Galani. She is 14. Her day was made memorable by Virat on Tuesday. She went to ITC Sonar to take a photograph of Virat Kohli. Malabika, a die hard fan of Indian test captain, has an inborn problem in her leg due to which she has to walk with the support of walker. Young Malabika was waiting in the lobby since morning.
Kohli came down to have lunch with his RCB teammate Shane Watson. Malabika rushed to meet him but was stopped by security personnel to meet. She was eagerly waiting for being noticed by Virat and it did happen after about half an hour as Virat called her towards him. She was asked about her problem by Virat and later obliged by Virat with a photograph. For Malabika it was dream come true as she never expected such a treatment from Virat.”