When Smriti Mandhana Defended BCCI And Called Equal Pay For Women Cricketers ‘Unfair’

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When Smriti Mandhana Defended BCCI And Called Equal Pay For Women Cricketers ‘Unfair’: Recently, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the annual contract renewals of the Indian players (both male and female). However, ever since then, a section of fans started a debate on social media by raising the issue of equal pay.

This isn’t the first time that the issue of equal pay has always been a topic of discussion among the fans. Many cricket pundits and experts too joined the debate this time.

Meanwhile, Indian star cricketer Smriti Mandhana finally reacted to the claims of BCCI being gender bias. She said that she understood why women were not being paid as much as men.

She had responded to the issue sometime back and had claimed that it would be unfair for the women’s team to ask for the same pay as the Virat Kohli and team bring in a lion’s share of the revenue. She had said:

“We need to understand that the revenue we get is through men’s cricket. The day women’s cricket starts earning revenue, I will be the first person to say that we need the same thing. Right now, we can not say that.”

She further said that no one in the team is thinking about the gap in the pay as they are focused on winning the games for India. She said:

“I do not think any of my teammates are thinking about this [pay] gap because the only focus right now is to win matches for India. We need to get the crowd coming in and earn revenues. That what we are aiming for. If that happens, everything else will fall in place.”

She added:

“For that, we need to perform. It is unfair on our part to say that we need to be paid as much as the men. It is not right. So, I do not think I want to comment on that gap.”