World Cup 2015: 5 Most Wittiest Answers By MS Dhoni In The Post-Match Press Conference

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MS Dhoni had a big smile on his face during the post-match press conference after the second semi final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Thursday. Dhoni, despite of losing the match by a big margin of 95 runs, maintained his composure and gave very witty answers to some of the questions. Dhoni, unlike other captains who look very sad and depressed after losing, came up with some very witty answers and showed why he is called the ‘Captain Cool’. Dhoni also accepted the defeat very gracefully and congratulated Australia for making it to the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Here are the 5 most wittiest things said by MS Dhoni in the post-match press conference after the second semi final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: 

On retirement: 

“It’s up to you guys. The media should do a nice research on it, take a few days, and my advice will be whatever you decide, write the complete opposite, yeah, that will be the fact. It’s up to you guys.”

On his legacy as India’s ODI captain and one of the best batsmen:

“You know, frankly for me, it doesn’t really matter. For me every time I turn up, for me what’s important is to do something special so that I can be part of or I can contribute to the win.”

On Team India’s media manager: 

“Dr. Baba is quite strict over here, but with us inside it’s quite friendly. I keep telling him, if the media is happy with you, then you are not a good media manager.”

And this one is the best of the lot: 

“It’s a very long tour, over four months at one place; another 20 days and we can apply for citizenship.”

On #WeWontGiveItBack

“Well, it’s something that doesn’t really belong to anyone. We definitely took it from someone, so somebody took it from us. It’s as simple as that.”