World Cup 2015: A shared trophy would be a real anti-climax

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With less than 100 days left for the all-important ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the excitement among the fans is growing day by day. Fans, especially in Australia, are now counting days as the build-up for the World Cup has now reached its final stage. This World Cup is going to be a very special one for the Australian fans, as they will be hosting the World Cup after a long gap of twenty-three years.

The fifty over World Cup remains the most coveted tournament in cricket, yet due to some reason, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has decide to scrap the one-over eliminator rule which was first used in 2007 T20 World Cup. This change has displeased many former cricketers and fans.

Former Australian fast bowler Damien Fleming said, sharing the trophy trophy will be a real anti-climax.

“It would take a fair bit of the gloss off [A shared trophy] would be a real anti-climax, I’d love to hear people’s alternatives. Maybe because it’s a 50-over game you could have two lots of five overs. That would probably add another 50 minutes, but it is a World Cup final and I would prefer to see a winner, You’d feel sorry for the losing team, but you want to see some celebrations,” said Damien Fleming. 

Sharing the World Cup will be a real ant-climax for the fans who wait four years for this tournament. The one over eliminator was a very successful method of finding a result, and scrapping it just before the all-important World Cup 2015 doesn’t make any sense.

So far, in the history of the ICC Cricket World Cup, the trophy hasn’t been shared. But, with ICC scrapping the one-over eliminator rule, we might get to see two captains raising the World Cup trophy. And this would be the biggest anti-climax for the fans.




By The Cricket Lounge