World Cup 2015: An Open Letter to AB de Villiers

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Dear AB de Villiers,

If you are reading this you would probably shrug it off as another fan letter. But I would request you to please hold on and allow me to take the next two minutes of your attention. You had once told I remember, that you want to become the best batsman in the world. No one had any doubt about your abilities but I would like to tell you that you have not achieved that feat yet.

I know most people rate you as the best in the world but I don’t. You know why? Because I am not quite sure which world you are from. It is not fair on your part to compete with us humans because we are mere mortals. I presume that you have read about Superman as a kid. He was born in a different planet and he landed in earth to show his “un-human” like abilities: he could fly, could lift a truck and could also see through people and things.

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When I see you, I see Superman and sometimes I doubt you had a similar story. People excel in one sport in their lifetime. You have played almost half a dozen: cricket, rugby, swimming, golf and hockey and that too at a very high level. I hear that you were also extremely good at studies and won the Late Nelson Mandela award for a science project. Now this is not human. I do not want you to get hurt but I would want to see you bleed someday, to see if blood actually flows in your veins and if it is red in colour. People go crazy over you when you hit those impossible shots on the cricket field. I do not. Every time you do something like that I become even more suspicious of your “humanness”.

“I just want to sit in my room and feel sad.”

This is what you had said after your devastating loss to India in the 2015 World Cup. This proved one thing at least to me, that you have emotions. And even then if I am not fully convinced about your humanness, in whatever capacity it is, you are a champion. Superman was a hero because he led the way, you are a hero because you have made people to believe in things that they would have thought were impossible.  You make our world go round in amazement and this is why we call you Mr. 360.

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By Ashirbad Hazarika